I created this logo for Walter Berkeley Fondren Photography. My goal was to create a unique and identifiable design that complemented, without distracting from, the content of the photographs.
I created this logo for 14 Pews. "14 Pews is a multidisciplinary nonprofit, which is passionate about engaging and challenging audiences through the visual arts, film and theater, while celebrating and promoting Houston's diversity." I wanted to keep the "14 Pews" original font, while providing a clean logo that encompassed their various events and services. 
I created this logo for Texas Tech's Architecture Study Abroad program in Milan, Italy. I incorporated Milan's most noted structure, the Duomo,  into the logo as a source of constant inspiration. The contrasting fonts allude to the course's modern and classic design study.  
I created this logo for a group project in Intro to Media at the University of Texas. My goal was to create a simple design that embraced the power of a female led company, without shying away from femininity.
I love the brand Teva and wanted to play around with a logo concept for them. My goal was to incorporate active colors, while maintaining a clean design that touched on the modernness of their shoe design. 

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