I believe it is important to have creative hobbies outside of work.
These are a few of my favorites.
Watercolor, wallpaper design, embroidering, sunprint, decorating, growing plants, and many more.
This is the road trip schedule that I made for spring break of 2017. My main goal was to see as many sites as possible in the most efficient manor. 
I did this by 
  • Ensuring we did not miss locations due to sunset
  • Factoring traffic/ unexpected delays into the schedule
  • Including times of sunset and sunrise 
  • Contacting national parks and nature sites to determine any closed roads
  • Planning stops within parks before arriving
  • Booking all lodging ahead of time
  • Buying tickets to museums, parks, and attractions ahead of time
  • Researching the times that sites were least crowded 
  • Finding side attractions near gas and restroom stops
  • Keeping the budget around $500 per person (5 people on trip)
  • Including websites and confirmation links in itinerary


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